Fees are to be paid bi-monthly 8th to 15th of the month in Andhra bank. If fees are not paid by the 15th a late fee of Rs. 20.00 will be levied per month. No reminders will be sent to parents to pay the fees. Once the school fees have been paid they will not be refunded even if the pupil is withdrawn.

 Fees will have to be paid as long as a pupil's name is on the roll.

 Children whose fees have not been paid for two months may not be allowed to sit in class.

 Fees of vacation months are to be deposited in advance.

 Transfer certificate will be issued on 3 days notice in writing by the parents. Rs. 100/- will be levied as Transfer Certificate fee..

 No brother/sister concession is ordinarily granted to students. Concession is granted purely on merit, to poor students only.

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